As The Phoenix Hydro Generator is switched on, initial energy floods from a group of batteries, and the energy is converted from DC to AC with the aid of an inverter. The AC power is gradually induced with the aid of a frequency driver into an electrical motor that turns turbo jet pumps – each capable of pumping over 3,000 gallons per minute at a high speed. The Phoenix uses the turbo jet suction pumps to move water turning a turbine with heavy fly wheels, producing kinetic energy that transforms into the torque driving the dynamo and generating electricity.

The Phoenix originates the movement of fluid comprised of water and Nano particles by induction, and using proprietary efficiencies further accelerates and maintains the velocity and pressure of the fluid at an optimal level through pipes in a recycling motion. The velocity and pressure created generates constant or variable revolution (RPM) that produces sufficient torque to operate the industrial sized dynamo, ultimately producing clean electricity without consuming the water.

The technology deployed in The Phoenix achieves impressive performance by harmoniously unifying conventional power generation principles and components, and accelerated hydrodynamics to produce renewable, reliable and affordable uninterrupted power.

The Phoenix provides and maintains this high level of performance using only a fraction of the power it generates, achieving over-unity and producing exponentially more available power that it uses to sustain its operation.