• The Phoenix Hydro Generator is a true “Stand Alone Power Plant” that produces continuous on-demand power for commercial and industrial operations with heavy surge demands. It is a fixed Power System that operates on hydrokinetic principles.
  • This innovative breakthrough technology allows for the first time ever the production of electric hydro-power without Dam Structures or the gravitational forces of falling or flowing water. The Phoenix produces electric currents using recyclable water, without “consuming the water” or any other natural resource.
  • The Phoenix does not require fossil fuel input, and emits NO pollutants or waste production.
  • vThis breakthrough technology has distinct advantages over both fossil and renewable technologies, enabling it to operate under a low cost structure and compete successfully vs. all other sources of power generation available today.
  • The efficient design of the Phoenix supports easy transportation, rapid permitting and deployment, and quick interconnection minimizing set up time from months and years to weeks.
  • The System can produce power as a single unit, or in a synchronized and interconnected combination of units to achieve the desired capacity.

“Not your traditional generator, but tomorrow’s power system – TODAY”